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Why supremacy? #

Well… A long time ago, there was an Amiga game called ‘Empire’, nowadays better known as Classic Empire by Walter Bright. After switching on the x86 architecture (not that long ago) and noticing that such a kind of games is becoming extinct (Call To Power II was okay, Civ III had less combat tactics and Civ IV sucks), I wanted to program my own empire-like game (fairly refurbished of course, with lots of new features - but still round based).

As you can predict now, the name of the game should be ‘Supremacy’.

Until now I still had no time to create more than some design studies. But some of the used classes - and of course many more that were needed for my work since about 2001 - piled up in that folder called supremacy… this framework is used commercially. At least, not all work was in vain.

Some day I will make it to finish my own private empire game. Right after Duke Nuk’em Forever and Hurd ;-)