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The base vehicle is a MAN KAT I from the German Army (Bundeswehr).

Exact model description according to the vehicle’s data sheet:

MIL GL 8x8 10t

Year of construction 1977

Air-cooled Deutz engine with 320 HP (BF8L413F)

Many thank to Alex Piatscheck from Oldtimer-Tankstelle, who finally captured a victory over the German red tape after fighting for several weeks. But then our truck received an official registration including all original ‘special features’ like a non-existent underride barrier and a really huge turning radius (26,4m)!

The original type approval is still a classified document, so private persons are not allowed to read it. Without this document, there’s a chance that you have to install things like underride barriers, additional reflectors and possibly even a reversing light.

It took so long because this type approval was already archived by the government and one needed a qualified request for opening the archive - which takes several weeks, too.

Sadly then the next problem arose and the officials just didn’t believe this classified document…

But in the end every adminstrative problem was solved and we received our long-awaited license plate.

Changes #

After that, we made several modifications:

  • Removal of the crane
  • Twist locks for a 20 ft container integrated into the plank bed
  • Moved the original storage/ tool boxes up on the plank bed
  • Stainless steel exhaust system, vertical and double-flow
  • Two extra diesel tanks on the left and right side, where the storage boxes have been placed before (making a total of about 800 liters diesel)
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